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S&S Worldwide is a national supplier of arts and crafts and sporting goods products for recreation, health care and education professionals. They offer products and services such as:Arts & Crafts Materials, Sporting Goods and Physical Education, Early Childhood and Educational Supplies, Therapy & Health, Party & Novelty.  The company goal is to improve the social fabric by helping people play & learn. 
Published by Richard Reed 50 months ago in School & Homework | +0 votes | 0 comments aims at providing its customers with the top quality homeschool and educational videos, books, music, and other homeschool supplies & materials. Over 20 years ago began their journey with a passion to positively impact the lives of children and their families. NEST is also the producer of character shaping, educational children’s DVDs which includes our award-winning NEST Animated New Testament, Animated Old Testament Bible Stories, and Animated Hero C...
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Zoomerang is a brand of MarketTools Inc., a private market research company headquartered in San Francisco, California.  Zoomerang was launched to provide a streamlined, powerful alternative for companies needing to conduct comprehensive and accurate surveys with minimum costs and effort.  This software is an ideal service for businesses that conduct customer satisfaction, consumer and competitor surveys.  Zoomerang is one of the leaders in software and services for online market...
Published by enna karanjah 53 months ago in School & Homework | +1 votes | 0 comments one of the global leaders in the technology of web-based survey research.  This company is an Application Service Provider (ASP) and its mission is to understand the requirements and needs of its clients in order to deliver survey software that expands their methodological capabilities, streamlines their research projects and ultimately makes their businesses more profitable and competitive.  This powerful online market research platform offers extensive online resear...
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Surveygizmo is an online web based company which has provided software that gives researchers together with small and enterprise companies very powerful tools to create online surveys, fill forms and also creates questionnaires. The software allows the capture of any data which is essential for business. The company mainly focuses on giving back to the community. The software can be purchased from the company’s website.
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Vovici is a leading provider of Voice of the Customer and Enterprise Feedback Management solutions. Its award winning survey platform, business leaders can easily and cost-effectively create feedback solutions with deeper insight and take action to improve customer experience. The products they offer are online surveys, mobile surveys, survey analysis, text analysis and online community.
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The question pro company is an online survey software that allows users to create, publish and distribute online surveys and analyze the results. The software has tools for creation, distribution and analysis of surveys. Apart from this, the company also provides a platform for polling tablet based mobile research and data visualization. It is one of the best online survey company’s whose aim is to provide the best tools ever for collecting and analyzing data. The company provides innovati...
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PBS KIDS Shop is the online store for PBS Kids television. PBS KIDS Shop carries themed toys, clothes, books and other items from all the children's shows shown on PBS Kids. PBS KIDS Shop carries products from popular shows like Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street, Barney and many more. PBS KIDS Shop sells: DVDs & CDs Books Clothing Party Supplies Toys & Games Decor School Supplies Seasonal
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Rusty and Rosy is an enjoyable, proven effective reading program for children created by the Waterford Institute   It is designed for children who are attending preschool and elementary school With this software, you can help your child to start reading from home Research has shown that children who learn to read earlier are more successful in school and this program facilitates that
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Highlights is a magazine company for children from ages 0+. They have different magazines for different age groups. For instance, they sell Highlights Hello, which is for children ages 0-2. High Five, which is for children 2-6 and the original Highlights magazine for children six and up. They also have clubs that children of all ages can join, and gifts and toys that can be purchased on the website as well.
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Peer facilitators interact with fellow students, helping them face and resolve their academic and personal struggles. From determining priorities to mapping out a plan of action, students who train as peer facilitators must use their listening and problem solving skills, while providing feedback in an empathetic way without inserting personal bias.
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Good news for teachers and parents! Discount School Supply is a developer and manufacturer of such a vast presentation of school supplies - products and content resources alike. This is a company that also strives to make their proprietary items exceptionally innovative. The company's original focus, which still holds, speaks for itself - providing the highest quality items at lowest prices coupled with an outstanding service level. Whilst Discount School Supply provides Arts & Crafts ...
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Atlas Pan and Pencil Corporation founded For Teachers Only and began as a pen and pencil sales company.  For Teachers Only has expanded from just pens and pencils, now offering: Boxes and Pouches Fun and Games Key Chains Rulers Erasers Pen and Pencil Grips Memo Pads Sharpeners Books Apparel Folders Pins Jewelry
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Academic Superstore specializes in various software and computer accessories which are useful in schools for teachers and students. Products from different brands involving Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Wacom, Avid, FileMaker, Autodesk and many more are available at attractive discounts. A variety of products are available matching requirements of people belonging to different stratum of society including the teachers, college students and parents, schools, district and colleges and some non-profit o...
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For the first week of school, you can buy yourself some time stocking up on the essentials, looking for good sales, coupons, and clearance, and using your money in the most frugal way possible. Times are tough and if you need to stretch your budget to the absolute maximum capacity, here is how to do it. I am living proof that you can spend less money and send your kids back to school in style!
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