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S&S Worldwide is a national supplier of arts and crafts and sporting goods products for recreation, health care and education professionals. They offer products and services such as:Arts & Crafts Materials, Sporting Goods and Physical Education, Early Childhood and Educational Supplies, Therapy & Health, Party & Novelty.  The company goal is to improve the social fabric by helping people play & learn. 
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Zoomerang is a brand of MarketTools Inc., a private market research company headquartered in San Francisco, California.  Zoomerang was launched to provide a streamlined, powerful alternative for companies needing to conduct comprehensive and accurate surveys with minimum costs and effort.  This software is an ideal service for businesses that conduct customer satisfaction, consumer and competitor surveys.  Zoomerang is one of the leaders in software and services for online market...
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Vovici is a leading provider of Voice of the Customer and Enterprise Feedback Management solutions. Its award winning survey platform, business leaders can easily and cost-effectively create feedback solutions with deeper insight and take action to improve customer experience. The products they offer are online surveys, mobile surveys, survey analysis, text analysis and online community.
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Good news for teachers and parents! Discount School Supply is a developer and manufacturer of such a vast presentation of school supplies - products and content resources alike. This is a company that also strives to make their proprietary items exceptionally innovative. The company's original focus, which still holds, speaks for itself - providing the highest quality items at lowest prices coupled with an outstanding service level. Whilst Discount School Supply provides Arts & Crafts ...
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Atlas Pan and Pencil Corporation founded For Teachers Only and began as a pen and pencil sales company.  For Teachers Only has expanded from just pens and pencils, now offering: Boxes and Pouches Fun and Games Key Chains Rulers Erasers Pen and Pencil Grips Memo Pads Sharpeners Books Apparel Folders Pins Jewelry
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Academic Superstore specializes in various software and computer accessories which are useful in schools for teachers and students. Products from different brands involving Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Wacom, Avid, FileMaker, Autodesk and many more are available at attractive discounts. A variety of products are available matching requirements of people belonging to different stratum of society including the teachers, college students and parents, schools, district and colleges and some non-profit o...
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Do you have what it takes to be a CPA? Have you known a reputable CPA review center who can immediately address to your concerns? Yaeger CPA Review has it all. With over 30 years in the CPA Review Business, Dr. Phil Yaeger, CPA, founder of Yaeger CPA Review can reassure CPA aspirants that they have found the right path on their journey to become CPA Professionals someday. Yaeger CPA Review offers CPA Review Products that are carefully created to cover the topics necessary for the CPA Examinatio...
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Kids of the twenty first century have the world at their fingertips. When faced with a homework or research task, they can use the internet to locate information that is relevant for their project. What kids need to learn, however, is how to judge the relaibilty of that information and to check the information from several sources before making decisions. It is the role of both parents and teachers to ensure that kids are aware that books are also reliable sources of information when doing resea...
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Stop fighting to try to get your child to understand tedious lesson plans. Transform boring to exciting by teaching your kids fun facts about history and the state of New York. Learn 10 fun facts about the state of New York and watch a light bulb of excitement for learning turn on in your child's eyes.
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Does your teen or young adult child have difficulty in traditional school settings? Is your teen bored, and excited about work, but not particularly a scholar? This may be hard for you to understand, but there are alternatives. Everybody learns differently and is motivated by different educational settings. There is an exciting alternative where your teen can live away in a dorm setting for free! They will get a stipend for their needs such as clothing and toiletries as well as have job tra...
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Time capsules chronicling a period in a child's life are a popular way to connect kids to history. By making them a part of the history of your classroom, you as a teacher connect the student to your lesson plans in a very concrete manner. You can make the time capsule into a lesson on not only history and social studies, but on language and writing, and even on math. It is a great way to begin the school year and to lend closure at the end.
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Teach children facts about each state in the United States of America with fun facts. Louisiana is rich in history that involves much more than jazz, Mardis Gras and swamps. Did you know that Louisiana is home to the longest bridge over water continuous? How did Cajuns get their name? What bird is pictured on the state seal and flag of Louisiana?
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How to make a plan to successfully address a child's bad grades. Improving a child's grades.
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AbleNet Promo Code / Discount Coupon Code. AbleNet Review. Many people with a disability find everyday tasks difficult as they are missing the special skill to use devices. For example a computer mouse requires functioning hands in order to be manipulated, light switches may be out of reach for wheelchair users. That is where AbleNet comes in. It is a “learning and communication aid” site for people with disabilities. AbleNet provides all types and manner of solutions to help overco...
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Art is a free expression of a person's feelings. You can introduce art to young kids with some simple tips.
Published by Felisa Daskeo 78 months ago in School & Homework | +8 votes | 4 comments
Teaching preschoolers to print their names could be achieved with some simple tips.
Published by Felisa Daskeo 79 months ago in School & Homework | +4 votes | 1 comments
As a rule, nursery schools make provisions for the gradual adjustment of their new students. Very young children who go to school for the first time feel insecure about the new surroundings and the new faces they meet. A terrified reaction is to be expected if the children are immediately separated from their family members.
Published by Levy Dalumpines 80 months ago in School & Homework | +10 votes | 3 comments
This is a partial SWOT analysis of the Public and Private School Systems in the United States. This section covers the weaknesses of the Public School System
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Parents suspecting that their child may have some type of learning problem or a learning disability need not be discouraged. Resources are now abundant for helping parents determine specifically the problem their child is having, and exactly how they can intervene.
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The transition from grade school to middle school is a big change for most children but also is a part of continuing a Childs education.
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Is your child\\\'s school suggesting that your child might be depressed or have add/adhd?
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February is Library's Lover's Month. What better time to explore the libraries in your town? You don't have to be a bookworm to enjoy Library Lover's Month. Music, DVDs and audiobooks can all be found at the library.
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PerfectForms Education Promo Code / Discount Coupon Code. PerfectForms Education Review. PerfectForms Education is a service that provides forms for educational institutions.  Clients are given the option of using PerfectForms templates or designing their own forms using PerfectForms software.  Forms are available to serve colleges or K-12 schools and districts. There are also forms to support human resources and to assist with the financial operation of a school.  PerfectForms pr...
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Discount School Supply Promo Code / Discount Coupon Code. Discount School Supply Review. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, Discount School Supply is a great place to shop for any school needs. With their low prices and high quality products, Discount School Supply is very popular among school shoppers. Discount School Supply offers a wide array of products including those for children with special needs. "Discount School Supply offers the lowest prices guaranteed on teaching supplies and q...
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