5 Louisiana State Fun Facts for Kids
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5 Louisiana State Fun Facts for Kids

Teach children facts about each state in the United States of America with fun facts. Louisiana is rich in history that involves much more than jazz, Mardis Gras and swamps. Did you know that Louisiana is home to the longest bridge over water continuous? How did Cajuns get their name? What bird is pictured on the state seal and flag of Louisiana?

Teaching children about each and every state that make up the United States of America can be tedious and boring.  Or, you can perk an interest in learning more by introducing small bits of facts.  When a child hears one of these facts interesting, a quest of finding out more begins with enthusiasm.

To those who have never visited Louisiana, a state located in the southern United States whose southern borders line the Gulf of Mexico, images of its tall capitol building in Baton Rouge, New Orleans jazz, Mardi Gras celebrations, gumbo, swamps, alligators and the bayou may come to mind.  Perhaps, memories of Hurricane Katrina that stranded, injured and even killed many residents may cloud out other information surrounding the state.  There is, however, much more to Louisiana than Mardi Gras, hurricanes and spicy cooking.

Following are 5 interesting facts about Louisiana:

  1. Cajuns - Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV (of France).  A large population of French-loyal Acadians was driven out of Canada because they refused to pledge allegiance to the Queen of England.  Why are they called Cajuns?  It is believed that the term came about when a French-speaking settler would pronounce the word “Acadian”.  To the English-speaking westerner, it sounded more like “Cajun”.  The name stuck.
  2. Parishes - Almost every state in the United States of America divides their political territories within the state into counties.  That is, almost every state except for Louisiana.  In Louisiana, these divided areas are called 64 parishes.  A parish is commonly associated with the Roman Catholic religion where churches are assigned to serve a specific neighborhood or area of the population.  The history of these parishes is traced back to the Roman Catholic influence from the French and Spanish who settled in the state.
  3. Record-setting Bridge - The longest bridge in the world that spans over water (continuous) is found in Louisiana.  The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge that connects Metairie with St. Tammany parish continues for nearly 24 miles.
  4. Crops - Louisiana cotton is their most well-known agricultural product.  In Lake Providence, there is a cotton museum that displays a working ginning machine on a southern plantation.
  5. Seal and Flag – The Louisiana State Flag and Seal picture a pelican with her young surrounded by the words “Union, Justice, Confidence”.  An important aspect of the seal is the 3 drops of blood on the pelican’s chest.  This is to represent that the pelican was wounded, yet made the ultimate sacrifice to feed her young.  The brown pelican is the official bird of the state. 

Each state has its own rich history.  Continue your child’s interest in learning about the states with information about Ohio,  Idaho and the rest of the states that make up America.

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Well done, and fun facts!